Get your Backbone straight

One of the major problems that I had with Backbone.js I had when I was starting to adopt, it's that Backbone is not a typical framework. It is more »

Brave Tech World

Watching all the madness that happened at CES this year was really fun and weird at the same time. CES is that time of the year that we all let »

Lockr v0.5.0 released

Few months ago, I have written a prototype of a library to use localStorage more efficiently. In the meantime, I totally forgot about it until I started writing the v2 »

Enjoyable Javascript

The first handshake When I started learning the building elements of the Web, I had the impression that Javascript is that hefty, untamable beast that nobody really understands, a language »

Is Kindle Paperwhite really worth it?

I've been using Kindles for almost two years. My first Kindle was a 4th generation Kindle (not the touch one). Since then, ebooks for me was just a thing from »


In the quest for the perfect conf In my previous post, I wrote about my experience switching to Vim. After getting familiar with using Vim, I started to search on »