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Dimitris Tsironis

Writing about world and technical stuff

Enjoyable Javascript

When I started learning the building elements of the Web, I had the impression that Javascript is that hefty, untamable beast that nobody really understands, a language so wicked that noone really wants to write it anyway, although it’s inevitable.

Is Kindle Paperwhite Really Worth It?

I’ve been using Kindles for almost two years. My first Kindle was a 4th generation Kindle (not the touch one). Since then, ebooks for me was just a thing from a science fiction articles, just like flying cars. It was technically plausible but couldn’t see it replacing paper books anytime soon. News flash, I was wrong. So when the new Kindle Paperwhite came out a few months ago, I decided to upgrade my Kindle to a new Kindle Paperwhite. I did long the touchscreen which makes everything so much easier and I ordered it from Amazon.


In the quest for the perfect conf

In my previous post, I wrote about my experience switching to Vim. After getting familiar with using Vim, I started to search on ways to improve my workflow. At the time, I was using Janus build and I have to say, I didn’t enjoy it too much. So I had two choices; the first was to start off and build my own Vim configuration from the ground up and the second was to find a “pret-a-porter” solution. I chose the latter and head to Github to start the quest of finding the perfect Vim configuration. I had already excluded Janus because way too complicated to mess around with and it’s pretty heavy as well. Then, I remembered about Subvim which is a great effort to emulate Sublime Text 2 in a Vim environment. That didn’t suit me as well, found it to be heavy and just not my taste.

Vim: From N00b to Meh

I grew up in a fairly technical family; my parents have both programming background. Heck! my mother programs in vi until this day and I was always aware of this obscure thing, called Vim. But three years ago, when I decided it was time to move from the (then popular) Notepad++, I came across Sublime Text 2. At the time, it was still in beta version, but it was apparent to me that it was a completely different experience than the old Notepad++. The vast choice of plugins, the dark theme, the performance of the whole application was a no-brainer for me. I fell in love with it at first sight, I adopted it as my default editor and it served me well for almost three years across Windows, Linux & Mac.

Mercurial's Perfect Setup [Part. I]

I’ve been using Mercurial every day, since I joined BugSense a few months ago. At the time, I was an advanced Git user and it took me a while to understand what exactly is Mercurial’s philosophy and adapt my workflow to the new system.

Why Open-source Really Matters?

This is one of these endless battles in the history of humanity. Open-source vs. proprietary software; is one of the most vibrant disputes of all time. I tell you, it’s not an easy one and being a part of tech community, you feel obligated to choose a side from early on, as everyone is taking a stand on this subject (though it’s not required after all).

Making Engaging Presentations

A brief intro

Many of my friends, being developers like me, have trouble when it comes down to design some basic stuff and that’s completely normal. Developers, although they create beautiful & elegant stuff, they don’t particularly like drawing lines and colours to compose something.

The Modern Education Paradigm

Education on the 21th century

I’ve been always been an keen observer of human behaviour and while being a member of the academic community, is kind of inevitable not to identify some interesting facts about our educational system and how that’s being formed about our own behaviours.

Hardcore Forking Action

Sexism, tech conferences & Twitter hatred

Few days ago, a bad situation happened at PyCon. Reportedly, some developers were making some forking jokes and Adria Richards, a (ex) Sendgrid-employed developer evangelist was offended by these jokes. She talked about feminism and stuff like that.

First of all, I don’t understand how that sexual joke is specifically addressed in women. Last time I checked, sexual intercourse didn’t require exclusively women to be a thing. So, I guess this may be as insulting for a guy as it is for a girl. In my point of view, that’s the whole point of feminism. We’re equal. Otherwise, it’s just favouritism.

Ok, I get it. Tech industry is dominated by males. But that doesn’t mean that we are more sexist than males in other industries. Personally, I have no problem accepting that a woman can kick my ass in any of my skills. And I know for sure that many women actually exactly that.

But the main point I want to make is that it’s just a mother-flipping joke. There’s something more important than the urge to politically correct every single conference, TV show, work environment etc. It’s called humour and knowing when to chillax and just enjoy yourself.

Hardcore Forking action

And as a matter of facts, the “fork you” joke is pretty common. Github made a bold move and implemented it in the user interface, when you’re forking a repo.

Why do we tend to overcomplicate things?