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An Unusual Windows Laptop

A little bit of history

Almost a year ago, I was searching about my new laptop, which eventually came to be Macbook Air 13". It was a long search for the perfect and it turned out very well. I loved my Macbook Air from the first touch; it’s light, built like a tank with so much power underneath. It never lets me down.

Dell XPS 13

But one of the candidates was then a new-comer. I think it had just hit the news and I was actually starring at the beautiful product page for hours. It was a piece of beauty, probably the best looking laptop ever made. It’s the Dell XPS 13.

Still one of the best

Several days ago, I was asked for my opinion on a laptop. Of course, I started searching the web for the best laptop out there, I found some interesting laptops, but then I remembered the one and only XPS 13. I had seen it before in the Greece JS meetup and I was staring at it lustfully, feeling a bit ashamed of my Macbook Air.


When I unboxed it I was amazed by the high quality standards of the new dell packaging. I thought it would be one of this ugly recycled-paper boxes that used to ship computers in. But it’s a beautiful black box with a nice feel and inside it, there was a case. The only purpose of the case was to contain the laptop itself. I tell you, it was awesome to open the case and find the laptop lying there, like a treasure in a chest.

Dell XPS 13 keyboard

The laptop itself is very solid build quality and it has an awesome backlit chiclet keyboard.


The only problem is that it shipped with Windows 7 which seems a little outdated to me, since Windows 8 is on the market for quite some time now. Also, I’m allergic to the usual crapware that OEMs pack with their Windows installations. They’re hideous, useless piece of software that insult the rest of software.

All-in-all, if you want a great Linux or Windows laptop that looks astonishing and behaves like a proper machine, then I think Dell XPS 13 is a no-brainer for you.