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Lockr v0.5.0 Released

Few months ago, I have written a prototype of a library to use localStorage more efficiently. In the meantime, I totally forgot about it until I started writing the v2.0.0 of the BugSense JavaScript SDK.

So I started development for bugsense.js and I run into the same issues using the native localStorage API. I needed something modular, lightweight and with a very small bytesize.

And then it came to me. I had already written most of the library, although it needed some work to be combat-ready.

Eventually, I designed the API wrapper very much influenced by the node_redis client. I wrote some specs for it, make sure everything is working as it should and here it is.

It’s a very early version, but I do want to keep it that simple in the future, maybe with some extra features.

I would love your feedback to make it more awesome and to have more stuff in v1.0.0. Give it some love or fork it to make it better!